Are Websites Dead?

by Tanya Ganian
Tuesday, May 7, 2019


A lot of industry leaders, specifically social media managers suggest websites are dead – You don’t need a website, don’t bother with your website. I can pretty much shut this down in about 2.5 seconds with one simple statement – These social media managers and leaders who say that websites are dead all have a website and they all update their sites regularly.

So how dead can websites really be? They didn’t cancel their domain name. They’re doing their wordpress updates.

So let’s address why you still need a website, what the purposes of websites, how that’s changed, how you should use your website, how you should advertise your online services.

The number one thing you should know is that everyone who does business online has a website. There is no one who doesn’t have a website who is doing business online. They might be updating their social media accounts a lot more often; their Facebook might be popping, might be totally active, but all of them maintain upkeep, update their website, none of them let them go. And it’s really important because people use that to make judgment on your services, on yourself, on your professionalism. Your credibility will depend on the research that they do and how easy they find you.

So if you put your business name in Google and no website shows up and all you have our social media accounts, you’re going to seem a lot less credible than your competitors or your colleagues who have a website full of information that potential clients are looking for.

That’s what websites have really become. They’ve become sort of like a Wikipedia, a hub of information that describes your business, that describes your services, what you do, your history, your product descriptions, how to contact you if things go wrong. Websites really serve as the hub of everything that you do on social media and Facebook. So think about how you, you surf the Internet so you find somebody on the Internet that you want to follow. What’s the first thing you do? I mean, you look through their account, you look through their social media account, do you look at their Facebook account and you eventually end up on their website looking for backend information.

Social media is a lot less ephemeral than a website. Websites serve as a way of you to control that information. So you decide what you put on there. You’ve, you write your history, you present your, you know, your team members, your product description. You can go in a lot more details. Social media is not a place to do that. Websites are really the place where you should have the most details, the most history about you, about your services, about your products, about your business. And that’s different from the way that you use social media. Social media is going to be where you show your day to day activity. You’re the human side of business.

Instagram is really great for the everyday side of the business, l the behind the scenes, a lot less text heavy, so they don’t really serve the same purpose. To go as far as to say that you know, websites are dead is a little bit exaggerated, I would say websites are not dead, but their purpose has totally changed. That isn’t what it used to be. Where websites used to be the first place. People go and they make a decision on a product or a service before they buy. Now, websites have become the last stop. It’s not a stop that your potential clients skip. They still won’t make it to your website before they purchase. So although social media accounts or become the first stop, the last stop before they purchase will still be your website. Now imagine you don’t have a website and all you have is a social media account.

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