The 90% Rule

by Tanya Ganian
Tuesday, June 7, 2019


15 Places to Find Your Next Client

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Sometimes all we need is a little bit of burnt sugar.

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Like most entrepreneurs, I’m all in or I’m out. Everything is at 100%.  I’m never teetering on yes or no. It’s either full force in or full force out and for me like for a lot of entrepreneurs, if it’s not at 100%, the feeling of failure is very strong or the feeling that we’re not doing enough, we’re not working hard enough, we’re not pushing ourselves hard enough, we’re not doing enough, accomplishing enough, making enough, creating enough. That’s a very, very strong 100% all in feeling that most entrepreneurs go through and it’s really what drives them to become entrepreneurs. You know being self employed, you work longer hours, you’re involved in a lot more things than you would be as a nine to fiver. Not to say that a nine to five job is not challenging. It has its own challenges, but as an entrepreneur you are 100% in all aspects of your business and I don’t think any entrepreneur would want it any other way, which is why it’s always so difficult for entrepreneurs are self employed people to delegate work to hire people to let go and to not micromanage, but that drive to be 100% all in, in everything that you do is major pressure on someone’s life.

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It can cause a total burnout. It can cause major stress and worst of all, you start to miss the best parts of life and your journey stops becoming fun. Everything becomes task oriented. You miss the pleasure in the process and if it’s not fun, you’ll have to ask yourself at some point, what’s the point? If you’re not having fun, why are you doing it? If you’re, if it’s causing that much stress to always be on the Gogo, Gogo, what’s the point where, where are you going? How much fun are you having? How much happiness is a part of your life at that 100% level? So there’s a famous saying by the philosopher Plato, everything in moderation, but for entrepreneurs, moderation doesn’t work very well and it, I know it doesn’t work for me and it wouldn’t work for any type of type a personality, doers or makers or achievers or hustlers.

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Moderation is, it’s very tempting to believe that moderation is a good thing, but moderation really puts you in the middle of of nowhere. It doesn’t tilt the scale in any direction. You’re sort of stuck in limbo like, are you, are you healthy? Do you eat healthy or are you a junk food junkie? While I’m sometimes healthy, I’m sometimes a junk food junkie.  The other downfall to moderation is that it’s not habit forming. It doesn’t help you pave a clear path to anything at all. So if 100% of anything is too much and too overbearing and stressful, and if moderation is not a good alternative, where does that leave us?

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Well, there is no surprise. I have the answer to that and my answer is the 90% rule. I live my life by the 90% rule and that is I live 100% of my life to its fullest 90% of the time. So everything I do really, I do it at 100% 90% of the time. So 90% of the time I wake up before the sunrise, I beat the alarm, I wake up on time 10% of the time I can wake up til 8:00 AM 90% of the time I’m at the gym every single day, no fail, seven 30 in the morning, I’m there on the treadmill. 10% of the time I’m on my Third Cup of coffee by seven 30 in the morning, 90% of the time I’m Vegan. Veganism is not a joke lifestyle, but 10% of the time I have a stake which shrimp, all the trimmings, I don’t care, whatever.

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So this 90% rule really gives me the opportunity, first of all, to take a position. So do I consider myself a Vegan if I have, let’s say a steak every eight weeks? Yes, because 90% of the time I’m not having a steak that’s steak three times a year or four times a year. Doesn’t define my way of life. So do I go to the gym regularly? If I go every single day, but maybe once a month or once every five weeks, I don’t want to hear anything about any gym or whatsoever. Yes, because that once in awhile, while doesn’t define my life, if someone asks me if I wake up early every morning, even if the day before I woke up at eight 30 in the morning and stayed in bed until 10:00 AM my answer would still be yes. I wake up early every single morning because waking up early, eating healthy, going to the gym, that’s who I am.

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That 10% awards me the freedom to screw up or to let go. It cuts me some slack and it cuts me some slack without compromising my values or my way of life or my end goal. So imagine for a second that you’re a parent to a child and you expect that child to be 100% of everything all the time. I don’t think you would be that kind of parent to a child. So if you wouldn’t do it to a child because it’s unrealistic, it’s unkind, and it can really kill the spirit of just about anybody. Why would you do it to yourself? Why not cut yourself some slack too? If you give yourself permission to not be 100% all the time and you give yourself permission to exhale and screw up 10% of the time, you’re less likely to give up. You’re less likely to approach a failure as a representation of your commitment and your gifting yourself.

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The freedom of exhaling and letting go before gathering yourself back up and moving forward again. You have to remember that in our lifetime, we’re judged by the some of our actions, not by one action or one event or a bad circumstance. That’s your 10% that’s your 10% gift. So if 90% of the time you’re kind and you’re transparent and you’re honest, all the things that, whatever it is that you stand for, if that 10% of the time it is not a representation or proof that you are not what you say you are. So cut yourself some slack. Follow my 90% rule. Have a little roasted marshmallow, have a shrimp or two once in a while with your Kale Salad, or don’t cut yourself some slack at the end of the day, do 90% you’ll be able to avoid a burnout. You’ll be able to live a little bit more stress free and you’ll be able to approach that 10% as the break that you need from being a 100% 90% of the time.

15 Places to Find Your Next Client

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