Top 5 Niches for Web Designers

How to tailor your web design packages for your target niche

Defining your niche is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your business right from the start. As business owners who believe in the benefits of our services, we can see how they can apply to everyone. But the truth is, if you try to reach everyone, you will reach no one.

Serving one industry shapes you to become the expert service provider in that industry. You start to understand your client’s needs and will be able to cater to them with a more direct message.

So what do you sell to who?

Choosing a niche will depend heavily on your geographical area. What industry is booming in your area? Which market heavily depends on your services? If you feel like the market is saturated, it doesn’t mean there’s no business to gain; it means there’s a high demand for your services in that market.

Once you find your ideal niche, shape your marketing to speak to that market.

No one solution is applicable to all industries either. Tailoring your proposal to fit your client’s industry will be a big indication of how well you understand your client’s needs.

Niche #1
The Private Medical Sector

The Private medical sector represents medical doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, physiotherapists, or any other doctor that runs his own private clinic. Each one of these doctors can represent a sub-niche and I would highly suggest you choose one and focus solely on that market.

Although the different branches of private medicine will warrant different needs, they generally all need the same type of package:

Recommended Site:
WordPress static websites. The site would serve as a sort of Wikipedia. Their clients would use their website to gain information on the clinic’s services, opening hours, location, and medical team.

Important Links to Include:
Client testimonials
About our team ( short bio of medical team)
How to reach us

Add ons:
Booking calendar
Wordpress offers several plug and play calendars that are easily installed onto a website to allow for online appointment bookings,

Facebook Business Page
Instagram content creation
Marketing material

Niche #2:
Beauty/Self Care Industry

This niche includes hair salons, beauty salons, aestheticians, massage therapists, nail salons and more.

Recommended Website:
Wordpress dynamic site where clients will easily locate their contact information, services offered, and book appointments.

Important Links to Include:
About the team

Add ons:
Booking calendar ( Easily installed using WordPress plug and play )
Portfolio carousel ( Revolving home page images showcasing their work)

Instagram management
Facebook Business Page
Marketing material

Niche #3
Restaurants + Food Industry

Online marketing can make or break restaurants. Yelp is the new Michelin Star. (Please don’t email me, it’s just a joke. All hail the centurion rating system.)

Recommended Website:

Wordpress Dynamic Website

Important Links To Include:
Reviews/Yelp Link

Add Ons:
Online ordering ( WordPress Plug and Play)
Reservation app ( WordPress Plug and Play)


Instagram management
Facebook Business Page
Yelp management
Marketing material

Niche #4
Retail, Retail, Retail

Soon you’ll be able to swipe left, choose a date and have him/her delivered by drone on a landing patio in the backyard. Everyone is shopping online for everything.

Recommended Website:
Ecommerce: Shopify or WordPress Woo Commerce

Important Links to Include:
Product page
Shopping cart
Contact page

Add ons:
Package tracking

Instagram management
Facebook management
Facebook merchant 

Niche #5
Consultant / Service Provider

Service providers can take advantage of their website to publish their own blogs, case studies and articles. It’s a great way to market themselves as experts in their industry.

Recommended Website
Static WordPress Website

Important Links to Include
About company/speaker
Contact information

Add ons
Event calendar

Linkedin management
Reddit content uploads
Facebook Fan Page

What Do You Believe Is The Most Lucrative Niche for Web Designers?

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