You can build your map to success and it’s time to start now.

Freelancing or scaling a web business is not easy and you shouldn’t start without the right tools and roadmap. So much time and money is wasted learning from mistakes and trial and errors before you get discouraged and totally give up.


Introducing The Freelancer’s Bundle. Your bundle to freelancing or scaling a highly profitable web/graphic design business.

The truth is freelancing is hard enough. You’re a one man show hoping that winging it will build the empire of your dreams. But freelancing or scaling without a plan or a strategy is a sure way to fail.

Are you ready to take the first step to building a life you deserve?

Stop wasting your time and money in the wrong places. Stop focusing on the wrong services and attracting the wrong clients. Start building a path to establishing a business that you can be proud of.

Here’s what’s included in THE FREELANCER’S BUNDLE:

1.The Ultimate Business Roadmap 

Your Step by Step Guide to Building a Highly Profitable Web/Graphic Design Business.

Take the guessing game out of structuring your business. The Ultimate Business Roadmap will lead you down the path to successfully structuring a business. This PDF guide will help you map your road to freelancing or scaling a design agency.

What you’ll get:

  • Your Mindset

  • Step 1: Choosing Your Services

  • Step 2: Pricing Your Services

  • Step 3: Choosing your Target Market

  • STEP 4: Creating Your Client Avatar

  • STEP 5: Finding Your Competition

  • STEP 6:  Your Mission Statement

  • STEP 7: Your Location

  • STEP 8: Building Your Team

  • STEP 9: Get Your Financials Straight

  • STEP 10: Finding Your Clients

  • STEP 11: Selling Your Services

  • Your Executive Summary

2. How to Build Traffic to Your Website

Instant access to a complete guide on generating web traffic.

Learn the tricks of the trade and improve your online marketing skills with this complete ebook.

3. Funnel Your Way To Profit

Online Lead Funnel Blueprint

Grab the blueprint for your online leaf funnel! This blueprint shows you exactly how to set up a funnel to lead your next client straight to your inbox.