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Increase customer loyalty?

Build brand recognition?

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Brand  The RIGHT WAY

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The Ultimate Branding Workbook

This is your personal brand manager rolled up into a 40+ page workbook that walks you through articulating every step of setting up a strategic brand.

Here’s What’s Inside:


1 – Preface
2 – How To Use This Workbook
3 – About The Author
4 – Your Mindset
5 – Establish Your Brand Story
6 – STEP 1:  Your Brand Story
7 – Let’s Define Your Brand
8 – STEP 2:  Your Unique Value Proposition
9 – STEP 3:  Your Most Ideal Client
10 – STEP 4:  Let’s Build Your Avatar
11 – Your Brand Identity
12 – STEP 5: Your Brand Name
13 – STEP 6: Your Brand Logo
14 – STEP 7: Your Brand Colors
15 – STEP 8:  Typography (Fonts)
16 – STEP 9:  Brand Imagery
17 – STEP 10:  Tone & Voice
18 – Achieving Brand Equity
19 – STEP 11:  Brand Equity
20 – Protecting Your Brand
21 – STEP 12:  Brand Protection

Here’s What People Are Saying:

“My company spent 5 figures building their marketing strategy. I couldn’t afford the same for my side business. This really covered everything i needed and helped me  every step of building my brand.”
-Mary E.

“I wanted to start generating leads online and launched a website to attract new customers. Instead, I ended up with a gorgeous website, spanking new logo and zero clients. Tanya helped me develop my brand strategy and that helped me reached the right people in the right places.”
-Kim G.

“Thanks Tanya. This is great!”
-Sam S.

“I was just about to hire someone to audit my marketing for $1200.00 when your ad popped up! You just saved me 1000s. 😉 ”
-Jeffrey K.

“This is not the first thing I buy from you and it won’t be the last. Thank you for the value in your products. Love your podcasts by the way.”
-Lina C.

(instant access)

From Zero to Self-Made Millionaire

Hi! My name is Tanya Ganian and over the last 20 years running my own agency, I built, branded and launched online businesses for clients across all industries.

The entrepreneurs who invested in developing a brand strategy for their business were the ones who achieved the most success.

Want to know learn how to build a brand strategy and market your business to generate consistent leads and sales?